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Vesica Piscis – The Shift in Mother Creation

By on June 3, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Vesica Piscis – The Shift in Mother Creation

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

Vesica Piscis – The Shift in Mother Creation

Over the last few days the Vesica Piscis has been given to me over and over, to connect with and to explore. This is how I channel. This is how I receive the information that I need to share. The attention on one aspect of what needs to be explored and then all the pieces fall into line.

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What I have been shown is that the Vesica Piscis is now in great shift mode. The Vesica Piscis (VP) was given to the name of the place where two circles meet that is shaped like an almond. The VP is at the center of the Flower of Life Symbol and is said to represent the union of two external shapes, from separation and duality, creating the center of creation or VP. The Vesica Piscis has been referred to as the Mother of Creation or the Womb of all Creation.

Vesica Piscis – The Shift in Mother Creation

What is happening now in this time space continuum of where we live, is that the Sphere of Creation is shifting. The center of creation and the energies of the VP system that sustain the Flower of Life symbols are changing. Many of us have worked with a flower of life type of system or geometry within our own healing or spiritual work. The flower of life resonates to a bi-wave frequency which all begins with the VP. The time is now to move out of this bi-wave system to a tri-wave.

A bi-wave frequency is one of duality and separation, which is no longer sustainable on the planet. We, as humans, are evolving on all levels and now, like never before, we have access to light energy, information and ways of being that have not been available to us before. This is one of the pieces of the puzzle that we require to evolve and expand within self and humanity.

Bi-wave frequency does not give or perpetuate a cycle of infinite life or light. Bi-wave frequency is finite and has an end. The flower of life symbol has 19 circles only no more no less. It is structured in a way that does not perpetuate source connection and infiniteness, but a structured sense of what is to be. This symbol has been used throughout our world as an imprint for progression at a time of great upheaval on our planet where the grids or earth meridians were blown away.

Basically, speaking the nervous system of our planet needed assistance to be restructured. The entrance of the Metatronic convergence onto our solar system came to assist with a rebuild of the earths gridding and it was here that the 10-grid system was infused introducing duality and power. The problem with the 10-grid layout was that this did not connect us with source or self and the constant duality or separation within was set in place, leading us to seek outside of ourselves for answers.

This was kept in place with the large influence of power-driven people and corporations on our planet, keeping us, the people, left to constantly seek answers externally never really finding any answers. The frequency of infinite was incomplete which we, all of our systems, earth, body, energetic, were structured upon.

It is interesting to note that there are many large corporations and religions that use the Vesica Piscis symbol within their logos or visuals for this shape has been part of our imprints, we subconsciously deem holy or whole. The Metatrons cube, Merkaba and the Virtruvian Universal Man by Picasso all use the flower of life as a basis to their structures.

The flower of life geometric symbol is not wrong or incorrect, but it does not evoke expansion on all levels, and was placed into our planetary system for controlled expansion, therefore a cycle of death was required. All life and death cycles have been created from this code; this is why we see it within all living creation. This 10-grid sequence is in everything, for this is where the DNA codes were created.

The Fibonacci code is also part of this 10-grid cycle or tree of life cycle template so it must be understood that the shift we are experiencing is on a structural DNA level in all systems, which is why there is so much change taking place within our own lives and the world. It has been deeply set.

This grid system has definitely been a great help for the evolutionary process of all that is, for without it, we may not be here at this precipice. All things are needed at all times. So here we are in a new age, the Golden Age, and the time for the tri-wave frequency to be reintroduced into our systems. The 12-system grid.

A tri-wave system is a system that works with infinite source and that is forever expanding with no end. It is a system that is pure light source, continual connection to self, source and all that is, which holds no separation or duality. It is not two separates coming together to create a third and fourth, but a tri that already exists and will continue to perpetuate the life-giving cycle. The Tri-Wave is an Open Source System and one we are now able to access with greater ease.

The Tri-Wave resonates with the 12 Grid system that connects to all things infinite and divine harmonically. We have 12 systems within our physical body, with 12 major organs, 12 notes in an octave so the resonance to this frequency is the natural law of all things.

The Tri-wave is a frequency where all things are possible. Where expansion is a natural progression and where the internal guidance is open and ready to go. The tri-wave is exciting and exploratory. The Tri-wave works on the higher frequencies of light and sound. It is faster, denser in information allowing our own spirit, soul, guidance, lead us to new heights in new ways. This is a great time in our history as a race, for it has not been here before. The introduction and opening of the Tri-wave formations that we have access to means that there is no end to our light, our growth our love and our fears will start to dissipate, being replaced with a trust.

Vesica Piscis – The Shift in Mother Creation

As you can now see on our planet, so many people waking up to the wisdom of what is. There is no more time for lies and BS, for many of us can see and read through the lines. It is now time for truth, for the truth always prevails, and slowly but surely, all this will become general knowledge and will be seen as a time of great expansion for humanity, for earth and our solar system.

We are here, you and I, taking baby steps into the new and unknown. We have come here with the knowing that we are shifting the energies to a new level. For some of us, this has been done with great upheaval, pain and suffering, but if you are still here, reading this, you know that we have come here with all this on our agenda, to help shift humanity with our own trials and tribulations. With light in our hearts, with the knowing that there is purpose to our existence, we continue, for we have an understanding and innate knowing that we are supported by love, for we are love.

If you have connected to this piece, there is great thanks and gratitude coming forth for your heart and soul.

“We thank you for your service and for all the hope you have instilled into the lives of others, for it may not be seen by you, but it has been felt on a global level. Be kind to self and in the knowing that your presence on our planet has been one of great measure, great comfort and great giftings. Thank you, Divine Source of Love. We are forever in grateful communication with you.”
– Allegiance of Light

So back to the Vesica Piscis. The Womb of Creation is changing. And we are part of that change. The energy of creation is changing from the closed loop bi-wave to the open loop of a tri-wave and we are at the forefront of this change. It is a creation with purposefulness. We are all questioning purpose, but we know our purpose is service, it is how we serve. The direction of where we choose to serve that is now the question within our being.

Revisit all old teachings, reassess all that you believe, trust your knowing, for there will be information that will be new to you, do not dismiss it instantly. Be open, look, feel, see if it is for you to explore. Not everything is for us, but as we have developed our discernment and our knowingness, we have also developed our trust in change. Fear not what the future may hold but know the glory of what it does hold. Remember this is just a drop in the ocean of what this type of shift holds for us creating in a new way and a plethora of information will be more available on this as it comes through from.

Let us begin to be comfortable in time passing and that all will occur in divine mastery. That choices can be made in our own space and time and with a complete sense of peace in our choice of direction. A purposeful direction in life is what we seek, and this may change a few times, but rest in the space of truth, knowing that all we choose with love, is perfect.

The time now is the greater understanding in hope and humanity. The openness to life and love like we have never seen before. We must keep going, for the road may seem very tough at times, and the worlds seeming turmoil feels never ending, but there are many timelines on our planet at present, we all work with our own and where we are at will reflect our experiences, so as we raise our vibration and wisdom of what is, so it will have a direct effect on all those around us with greater and speedier impact.

Embrace all that you are. Trust that we are doing well and that the support flows to us with great abundance. Have no expectation on what is to be, but accept all that is, with the knowing that we are infinite light and love. And when we choose greater love, we choose infinite life.

Angelina Stojic is a Messenger of Light. A writer and Channel for Light, love and life! Spiritual Scientist, Wellness Advocate, Seeker, Galactic Rep and Human Being just to name a few depending on the day! Please connect.

©Angelina Stojic 2000 – 2019

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