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New Earth Ascension

By on June 3, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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New Earth Ascension

via Messages from a Star Traveler

Here is the story of Earth ascending from 3D life into the 5D dimension. The Earth herself, is a great spiritual being in her own right, she is going through an enormous transition and evolution phase to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (this is a more advanced level of living). This process is being done so Earth can realign with the rest of our Solar System in her ascension. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition.

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Looking Back from 2015

Imagine that it is Christmas time, the year 2015, it could even be Christmas Day. You are with a small group of individuals in a beautiful woodland glade. Sunlight pierces the thin canopy of young and emerging leaves and they shine luminescent in the day. Shafts of sunlight also reach down to the ground warming the woodland floor which is dappled with the bluebells, daffodils and primroses of spring.

Birdsong fills the air and you can also hear the sound of water, a stream trickling through the woodland glade. It adds to the orchestral arrangement of nature’s song and these are welcome sights and sounds, for there was a time when the birds did not sing and the sun’s rays did not reach the land. For a year or more a thick layer of volcanically-enriched cloud had shrouded the countryside but slowly day by day it is clearing and you wonder how hot it might be were it not for this swirling cover. The atmosphere has also changed and the air is different, it has a sulphuric tinge to it.

England’s and North America’s green and pleasant countryside has been devastated by the changes. The smaller plants, the hedges, grasses and flowers have found it difficult to cope. Gone are the grassy green fields, meadows, hills, and the herds of cows and sheep that grazed them. Farm lands have also disappeared.

You know that you are in what was once called Somerset, part of Wessex or somewhere in the North American continent, but you could not say where on the Earth Somerset or North America now was. Floods, high winds, tectonic upheaval and a pole shift have all changed the world map significantly. Gone are the artificial boundaries that defined countries, continents and empires. Gone also are the politicians that created and perpetuated them.

The planet is starting a new 26,000 year cycle of evolution and you are here right at the start. The Earth like you, has cleansed itself of the past, releasing all that once was. The future is the living moment and the template for life is defined by a new set of physical laws that reflect the emergence of a new planetary grid of energy.

Relationship with Humans

A little hand reaches out to you. It belongs to a child who has come to greet you. As your hands touch you feel a marvelous sense of connection — an energetic connection — for you immediately feel the energy of this little person, as it feels your own. There are no barriers, both of you are open from the heart and the energy flows freely throughout every single cell of you both. It is like the river of the universe. The little one knows nothing else, but you remember how you have turned from the proverbial caterpillar into this butterfly of a being, fit for a new age. Your heart is filled with love, harmony, happiness, beauty, and peace.

As a being of light consciousness you understand now how you had to learn to work with the light force or prana energy. You remember the good days (before the changes) when you felt fully part of it, connected to the universe. There were also the days when you were not so connected, when it felt as if there was a tremendous weight bearing down on you and you felt disconnected or out of sync with everything. You have made the transition that has reconnected you with the cosmos and you are part of the universe as it is part of you. Where there was once fear there is now love, where there was once doubt there is now certainty and where there was once darkness within you there is now light, every fiber of your being is light. Your old body no longer feels the weight of time, indeed illness is a thing of the past. Our bodies are now made from crystalline matter, and we can feel all the frequencies and vibrations of the universe, anything is possible in this dimension. We are able to manifest all realities with our minds and instantly see in physicality what we wished to have happen.

This is a playful exchange of energy and it reminds you that, despite your own age, you are still a child of the universe. You and the child play, until the child, distracted by the presence of another little being leaves you.

Often sounds suddenly appear and you listen “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are altogether”. The words of a song drift across your mind. How true do the words now ring, the passage of time enabling you to understand the full significance of their meaning. You can see it all now, unlike before when you were whisked along in the whirlpool of material life. Now you have access to the Akashic records relating to your past lives. You always knew that you had lived through many different sorts of times, but now you know why, so that you might develop your compassion and be ready for this time now, when you unfolded into this being of unconditional love. You are a being of boundless love and light. The connection with your higher soul self is complete and despite everything you have succeeded in bringing a little piece of Heaven to Earth. You have started the long journey out of matter back to the stars, you have taken those first steps by connecting the physical self with the spiritual self.

You now understand the nature of your personal journey, the sojourn into matter and you can see how the past has led to this, the living moment. It is all so easy now for you to see the progression of events, how they are inter-related and how they have formed the meandering progression of human experience. You see how the Christ came to in-plant the impulse of love and compassion into our hearts and minds, just as the male roman energy was beginning to fully manifest. You see how the renaissance was an infusion of ideas that lifted humanity, and how the feminine energy re-emerged during the 20th century along with the ideas of animal welfare and universal consciousness. At one microcosmic level you have experienced so much, but now you see the bigger macrocosmic picture, the feminine and masculine aspects of the Christ and the relationship between Heaven and Earth. You have come so far and have learned so much, but even so you cannot imagine how that on this day of days there is more to come.

Ascended Masters and Spirit

You remember before the changes how the ascended masters and great spiritual beings were always there prompting, guiding, and playing their games the best they knew how. Before the merging of the dimensions, they seemed like distant figures who would appear out of the ether and swamp you with their unconditional love and compassion.

They loved as only a spiritual being on an ascended plane could and in doing so reminded you of humanity’s mission; to love unconditionally like an ascended being whilst living in a physical form. How hard it had been to bring heaven to Earth in those old times, how we had ground ourselves down into matter, putting a value on everything. Now that your earthly self and higher self are re-united, you are able to live through those higher soul aspects bringing in those qualities of compassion, love and service to the fore. You are able to help yourself, helping others where needed, and being in service to others from the kindness of your heart.

Once upon a time the masters in spirit seemed to be far away, but now you openly work alongside them, the elemental beings and the extra-terrestrials; all as part of an extended cosmic family.

The child accompanied by other children returns to you, they want you to tell them their favorite story, the story of the day that the Earth stopped turning. You chuckle to think how these advanced beings capable of telepathy still love to be told a story, especially one they have heard so many times before.

You think of how you used to communicate in the old times (the times before the world stopped turning) it was nearly all verbal or written; the words flooding out of mobile phones, PC’s and all manner of electromagnetic devices. For its time, it was a wonderful technology and how the chitter chattering of humanity must have poured out across the universe. It is all gone now — obsolete. We (humanity) had mastered matter, but had momentarily lost our identity as spiritual beings.

Words are now far less used, increasingly people communicate intuitively through thought, not just with each other, but with the realms of spirit, the elemental worlds and extra-terrestrials. You still have your individuality (your character or individual resonance) but you also know that you are part of a human consciousness, part of something far greater: a point of light on a universal compass.

You have learned to differentiate between what is and what is not human energy. And you know that where attention goes, energy flows whatever its source.

As far as human communication is concerned one tends to pick up on emotions, the energy underlying the state of being at any one time. Gone are the days when you could say one thing and mean or feel another, and deceptions and manipulations are easy to spot. Rather than expend your energy and attention at this level, you prefer to seek out and resonate with like-minded beings who resonate at a similar vibration to yourself. Like you, they are open and allow the universal energy to flow.

Connection to the universal energy grid means that your vista has become infinite. There was a time when the vista had become so narrow that most of its attention, most of its energy had become focused on the material. Only now can you see how disconnected: disconnected from the universe, disconnected from the greater perspective humanity had become.

Disconnection had enabled the exploration of the material world and reconnection reaffirmed our heritage as spiritual beings and once more we were a bit of both, children of the universe grounded in physicality. Reconnection has brought the reality of multi-dimensional existence and astral mobility.

People no longer need to monopolize energy or resources because it flows freely. Rather than accumulation for the self, the emphasis is to live off what we gave away that is to say to let the energy flow. The idea of empowering others is the new currency, one not anchored in a material paradigm but in the idea of spiritual growth. There is no longer a need for possessions or money, everything is shared. You wonder why there was ever a need for money, when you consider that even then everything came from nature from the living fabric of mother Earth. All these young children know is the template for existence as it now prevails. “Manna from Heaven” — the universal energy flowing wherever the attention is given. To block it would be detrimental to one’s own existence because you literally breathe it as you would air but through every fiber of your being.

Relationship with Elementals

The branch of a sapling brushes your neck. At once you feel that primal elemental energy coursing through your body. It is different from human energy, raw and primal like life itself. Its intensity momentarily takes you to a new place as your consciousness becomes immersed within the consciousness of the elemental worlds. You move to another level of sight or being. You can see them now, the elves, pixies, fairies and all manner of other elemental beings. It is almost overwhelming and you adjust yourself so that you are in communion with only the tree.

You are still getting used to the elemental energy, even though it contains the same universal thread that flows through everything. The children embrace it far more easily and often play with the elemental beings. For you it is just another learning curve for, although much of your life has been spent in a state of relative isolation from Gaia, you know that you are part of a living matrix. Importantly you understand that, as the being that has developed self-consciousness, it is your human mission to help in the development of the consciousness of the elemental worlds.

Although you can now communicate with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms your relationship with the plants is most important. Not only do they work with you to provide food, (you no longer eat meat). They are working their hardest to help re-oxygenate the planet. The great trees and forests have withstood the changes and they as never before are the lungs of the planet, re-purifying the atmosphere after the upheaval. Would we have ever desecrated the great forests of the Earth if we had known of their importance? Or did know of their importance but chose to ignore it? You now understand at a deeper level the way in which the vegetable kingdom works; as one harmonious whole all species in conjunction with one another. It is a less individualistic and a more harmonious approach than other kingdoms. The sapling reassures you that there will be plenty of Hazel nuts this autumn. Everything is a garden: there are no fences or boundaries, indeed there are no possessions, for everything is shared and there is plenty for everyone. Soon you will plant vegetable seeds, but they (the seeds) will tell you when to plant them and you will be able to feel their energy and they will feel yours as you prepare to sow them. As the atmosphere gradually clears, vegetation will regrow on the ground, making colonization possible. Year by year, planting will become easier and the harvest more plentiful.

Relationship with extraterrestrial beings

The children recapture your attention and you are about to start your story when you notice a large etheric form approaching. It is your Nephyl guide who has been with you for years. It is only now that you can see him. At around 3 meters in height he cuts a huge and handsome figure, swarthy and almost Mediterranean in appearance. A mass of etheric energy.

Prior to the changes, there had been lots of UFO sightings and crop circle activity, but now the world was one of open contact. Just as humans are tasked with helping the development of the elemental kingdoms, these great beings of light took it upon themselves to look back and help the advancement of humanity.

How patiently had they waited and gathered themselves around the Earth. Humanity might never have survived if it were not for his kind or for the other great beings of light and unconditional love and compassion. They started landing more openly in 2013 and the years between 2014 and 2015, braving the wild planetary weather. They had protected those that had chosen to go forward, sharing many things. They had no problem in manipulating matter or interacting with the elemental worlds and those of spirit. They had altered the physical environment so that we could take shelter in the storm, they provided sustenance when there was none and worked tirelessly with us and the elemental worlds showing us how to forge new relationships with nature. They were glorious beings, the shining ones, charged with reintroducing humanity to the extraterrestrial community and helping us to find our way in the new age.

Many had gone but some had stayed to help restart the new phase of human evolution. Others came just to look and say hello. “Children” you say, “We are being asked to go to the hill, a new unknown craft has landed” The children, keen to see what has arrived, instantly converge on the Nephyl. Together you wend your way out of the woodland and across the open land, singing as you go.

It is a couple of miles to the hill, the great hill where the space craft often land. You remember it as North Hill, but whether it is in the North now is another matter. You also remember that as a child you had dreams, where the hill was covered in spaceships.


You all walk together, across what was once green fields and along what was once a country lane. The tarmac is all broken, the road surface uneven. Motor vehicles no longer run along the lane, most are abandoned, the parts used for other things. In many respects you no longer need them, for you can travel astrally out of your body to anywhere (off or on the planet).

There in the haze you see a shimmering object on the hill. It has form and shape, yet the form continually changes. It is a craft of living energy, the matrix of its structure constantly shifting. A figure emerges from the craft. It is surrounded by a light the like of which you have never seen before. Sananda the Cosmic Christ, spiritual ruler of the known universe, who fought for humanity to have the chance to evolve and love unconditionally through the gift of freewill, has returned. This is the story of Earth’s ascension from 3D into 5D living, the new Golden Age of Aquarius, our time of peace and harmony on this world of living energy. Thank you and Namaste.

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Image: Pixabay

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