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Activating Your DNA With The Source Floodlight

By on October 30, 2015 in Exiting The Matrix with 0 Comments


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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing Writer,

Many New Age methods are becoming transparent or simply not working at all for lightworkers, energy workers, and starseeds. Methods that use the white light to heal or to transmute energy within your body are beginning to uncover hidden problems. Because of the new energies bathing the planet, I have been drawn to share the most effective method of transmuting energies using the Golden Source Floodlight.


The true zombie apocalypse

We are now living in the real zombie apocalypse. As you look around in your reality, you may notice the glassy eyed stoic emotional human that looks like a wandering lost soul. Perhaps there isn’t even a soul in that body after all, but many of these people are simply lost in a mind controlled stupor.

There is a frequency fence that is sending out a low vibrational frequency that is designed to keep people from realizing that they are being mind controlled. There are frequencies that work with the nanobots or AI technology that have been ingested through chemtrails and GMO food. Tap water has fluoride as well as other controlling substances in order to keep people “doped up”. The small group of hidden controllers of this planet simply had an advantage over the humans through the use of advanced E.T. technology, DNA manipulation, deceit, esoteric knowledge that has been kept from humanity, and the advantage of being hidden in a different dimension.

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Reiki and false light tricksters

As this third dimensional reality’s matrix overlay continues to dissolve, a person may have the realization that something is wrong. Through desperation, intention for change, and soul awakening triggers, they begin to become more immune to the frequency fence vibration. They may begin to question everything and they learn that they may be carrying low vibrational energies and “hitchhikers” within them that need to be cleared.

Many beginners turn to Reiki as a method of healing, as well as other methods which rely on the “white light” and someone else to facilitate the energetic transformation. When an attunement is not done right the receiver will take on part of the Reiki master’s energy field, thus they pick up even more energies that are not theirs. On top of that, some people who do not realize what they are doing bring in the “white light” instead of pure Source light to do the attunement.

White light may be of a higher vibration but the “source” of the energy is not always known.


There are negative beings in the fourth dimensional astral realms that have a higher vibration than us, and this is why we can’t see them. That doesn’t mean that they have our best interest in mind. Remember to be discerning with who works with your energy field and body, understand the source of their practices, and rest assured that everything you may have done in the past can be corrected with pure Source energy and higher consciousness.

Any time you agree to receive energy you are opening your body up to receiving anything that matches your request. You should be specific in the origin of the energy, because there are many beings patiently waiting for the next awakened person to generically ask for “white light”, Jesus, Archangel Michael, ascended masters, gurus, and angels to help them in this lifetime. These trickster beings are simply looking for a way to access energy and are getting more and more desperate for an energy source. These beings are not able to get what they need through a direct connection with Source/Creator.

These beings can shapeshift or manifest a body and come to you in any form that will be familiar or appealing to you. Their goal is to receive a cord connection to you, like plugging in an electrical appliance to an outlet. If there is a true archangel or ascended master that is helping people, they must be really busy with the number of people praying to them. The chances of another being slipping in depends upon many variables. The best bet is to connect with an energy source that is not able to be manipulated or hijacked.

Just because these white light trickster beings share your energy field does not always mean that they will harm you right away. In fact, if you give them enough energy, they may very well be able to transmute other lower vibrational energies you may have. After all, they don’t want to have to compete with any other being for your energy! They may also be able to use their advanced technologies to help you “channel” other beings or activate your pineal gland so that you can have a career as a psychic or healer. It may even be to their advantage to help you heal so that they can receive even more energy.

The point is that some people are operating as psychic, channelers, and healers because of the shared energies they are carrying that are not their own or of their oversoul. The more beings you allow in, the more energy gets sucked, and eventually fatigue, illness, and burnout may envelope you. The highest and best “channel” you can have is one that is tied to your oversoul and/or your star family, and when the earth shifts, she will not be taking these energy vampires with her. You do not want to be caught with one of them hanging onto you when you are trying to shift with the planet.

Superwave energies

The planet has been bathed with a variety of new energies over the last several decades. The most recent waves included activation energies and information energies. Wave X energies have been helping to break the mind control frequency fence and to uncover darkness within so that it can be transmuted. An advanced “superwave” of energies from the center of the Cosmos is available right now from Source. This is the highest vibrational energy you can receive in this dimension, and the astrological alignment of the planets in this space and time is the reason it is now more abundant to you. The ultimate goal is for this energy to be expanded within the body and for the original DNA template to be re-activated.

Here is Dr. Simon Atkins’ advice on what is coming next:

Getting rid of unwanted energy vampires and hitchhikers

It is time to thank the “middlemen” for their assistance until we were able to wake up and establish our true connection with Source. We can now cut all energetic cords and return them to sender with love. The only reasons I can think of to allow beings to continue to share your energetic field at this time would be if you have some beneficial contractual obligations with your star family that are in your highest and best interest, as well as if you are allowing parts of your oversoul from parallel lives to join you. When parts of your oversoul or star family join you they may be here to bring you wisdom, witness the events occurring on the planet at this time, help balance your energy, or to be healed themselves. These situations require your own discernment.

The Golden Source Floodlight

Ultimately, the best way to “receive” energy is to directly connect to Source. You may have imagined the white light energy in the past to come form Source, as I have often shared with you. That’s o.k. as long as you defined where the source of the energy was that you were drawing in. But in order to teach others how to expand their internal energy column and to insure you are connecting to Source, it is a good idea to change your visualization the “Source Floodlight” which is a golden, sparkly, brilliant, alive energy. You can bring it in anyway you prefer, through your crown chakra, heart chakra, or sacral chakra, or even through the back of your neck.

The Golden Source Floodlight

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The point is to allow it to eventually completely flood you inside and out. As you practice this visualization, you can gradually grow your inner “hara line” of golden energy to expand to your neighborhood, city, state, country, planet, galaxy, solar system, Universe, mulitverse, and beyond.


Hitchhikers aren’t the only energy vampires. Etheric and physical implants may have been inserted into your etheric or physical bodies to steal your energy and as a mechanism through which you can be mind controlled. There is nothing that the Golden Source Floodlight energy cannot transmute, and the area where the implant was removed from will need to be filled in with this Source energy.

Most implants are of a low vibrational frequency and will be neutralized as you raise your vibrational level above its level of vibration through connecting with Source. However, sometimes getting pulled back into third dimensional thinking can lower your vibration just enough to be affected. When you are centered and grounded in a neutral zone, the implants do not have an energy source and the hitchhikers usually leave on their own because they are really desperate right now to attach to a consistent negative energy source.

Many people are so implanted that they will have a hard time removing or neutralizing implants on their own. This is when a trusted implant removal worker or a high level energy healer will help to get a person back on the right track. Once you get your implants removed, they can certainly return if you do not keep up your clearing and high vibration. A counseling session by a spiritual & metaphysical expert, similar to what I offer as a holistic life coach, is a good way to get help in identifying where your blocks in life are as well as identifying your next steps toward the highest path and outcome.

White light is vampirism

The white light used by lightworkers are from the old school thinking. White light energy is not really “free”. It becomes vampiric light when it has to be stolen from one place and moved around through exchange inside of this creation in order for certain beings to survive. It is either being siphoned from a planet or star, or directly stolen from a human body energy battery.

Source light energy is abundant. In order to manifest matrices and physical realities, the Creator light is split into a range of rainbow of frequencies at different vibrations. The conglomerate of the refracted source light is the white light. We are moving our consciousness back toward Source, and eventually our consciousness will break the prism plane of refraction back to wholeness again through integration with our oversoul.

In my opinion, it is fine to connect with your guardian angel, trusted spirit guides, higher vibrational beings. After all, they can see more than we can. But we have to learn discernment with tricksters and freeloaders, and we have to learnt o have domain over our energy field. Why not just go to the top for your connection?. If you haven’t been able to “channel” other beings, in a way it could have been a blessing for you. Like me, it may have been a way of protection from your guardian angel because you may not have had the capability of discerning when enough is enough.

The white light tunnel in between lives

The white light at the end of the tunnel has been used in the afterlife karma cycle to draw souls back into reincarnation. We have many articles on In5d about this topic, and the main thing everyone wants to know is where do you go if you choose not to go into the white light tunnel?

Although this part of the false light matrix creation will eventually be dissolved (it could already be dissolved), if you find yourself facing the white light tunnel, look for the golden light instead. Intend to go to Source. This is why it is so important to re-establish your connection with Source while in this incarnation, because everything you have awareness of now is still there when you sever the tie to your body. Not to worry though, because many of us came here to make this transition to higher consciousness while still existing in the body. By making this transition, we remember that we are the consciousness connected to Source and not just the body. We will learn to manipulate the energy in the body to allow it to live much longer than bodies have lasted in the recent past, and some of us won’t be “dying” any time soon.

Emotions and the new consciousness

Joyful and heart based emotions, unconditional love, compassion, and empathy create more channeled golden Source Floodlight energy in the heart. The human body is capable of generating this Source energy out of nothingness, which is what makes it a very desirable commodity.

Your crown chakra and soul chakra connects you to Source and is open all of the time. Even of you are not deliberately growing your “hara line” internal energy, you still have a connection to Source energy that makes your heart beat and your lungs contract. You are always open to the creator of all, the new consciousness, and the new thought that is coming. The opportunity to shift your consciousness to a higher level of understanding and vibration is happening right now.

Connect to the Golden Source Floodlight of truth, mercy, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and understanding. You have the right to this golden light because you realize that you ARE this light. This is how we are going to exit the low vibrational matrix overlay and help restore the original template for physical creation on this planet. As your cells take in the golden Source light, the DNA that lies within them will eventually be activated and the perfected template you once carried will be restored. When the critical mass of people connected to Source is reached, the planet will shift into a new reality and the old reality will fall far away.

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including,,, and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

Image: Pixabay

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