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Energy Update – Timeline Energy Has Increased, Positivity Will Increase Into More Positive Manifestations Quickly

By on January 3, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Timeline Energy Has Increased, Positivity Will Increase Into More Positive Manifestations Quickly

by Diane Canfield,

Dear Beautiful Souls,

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I have always kept you up to date on what is happening energetically in this shift. We have reached a new level of awareness this past 2 weeks. The timelines have shifted again in the process of Ascension. They are continuing to shift each day now as we move in 2017. The world and reality has changed, it is no longer what it was before.

Some of the ways we know we have shifted is through Increased Awareness. This is a marker for all involved in the Ascension process. We join in with upgrades and waves, but the increased awareness comes during this time or afterwards, many times even taking the place these days of waves as we used to know them.

As we shift dimensions, we are closer to the Creator who is the Divine knower and Creator of all things. It is through this connection we are able to access more knowledge, more wisdom and more clarity. We can look into the past and notice some things that may have been handled better yet we did not have increased awareness at this time. it is very similar to those that pass on and have a past life review, only now we have the opportunity to do this through the shift.

As we look backward we have a chance to heal all unhealed wounds from our past by now being able to see the bigger picture that we could not before. Through this process we are healing ourselves of the pain and chaos that existed and our part in this play. We may need to revisit a few times with new takes and new insights to be able to come into more alignment what went on. Sometimes we may swing back and forth before finally coming to the middle and being able to understand why we handled things the way we did and of utmost importance why we had these experiences and what they meant to us in the overall scheme of our lives. This is where the deep healing occurs and once this healing occurs it is healed for good. We then can make the upgrades needed and anchor them into our consciousness through the increased insight we now have.

Many new insights have taken place during these last days. We are now merging more and more with our LIGHT BODY. As we merge we KNOW things not known to us before. It is like having a 360 view now of all things going on instead of our limited view we had in the past.

On the night of the 26th, a portal was opened and many dark beings left this reality. I had my own very profound experience with seeing some of these beings leave through the portal of my third eye. All different types of beings made this move out of our dimension. This will continue on as we move into the higher dimensions of awareness. The light is now too strong for these dark energies to continue to influence humankind.

We have had a lot of celebrities transitioning recently and this is partly due to the increased energies along with their contracts they needed to fulfill. They made an agreement before coming here in the choice of the reality they would be in during the shift. Many of them are helping us behind the scenes in the afterlife with the process of upgrading. They can be of more help there than here, as I have talked about for many years. We have not seen the last, there will be more in the months to come. As well as celebrities seemingly coming back to life after dying as timelines continue to merge.

As we may feel sad for some of these celebrities, one of the biggest shifts in consciousness that can be made is to realize there is no death. The person who transitions goes from one reality to a different one. The minute they leave this reality they are in the next one. The exact second they are gone from here. There is no lag time. As we make our transition we are asked to understand these concepts of Truth more fully so we can embrace the NEW World we are creating. This is one of the hardest concepts for many. But the many will need to understand there is no death- just transition.

Many relationships will now be ending as we come through this powerful passage. What was hidden will now be revealed. What was put up with and tolerated before, will no longer tolerated in the higher frequencies. Trust your inner sense and intuition during these times ahead – this is how we build confidence in our intuition and psychic senses. If you feel something is off, ask the person you are in a relationship with. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. The higher realms want us to deal with Truth , not deception. This is the only way now to move forward in relationships.

With the energy increase, it is most important to cycle into complete positive manifestations with everyone we are involved with. Do not let the frequency decrease into lower vibrations with others. Be aware of the frequency level of the other person and make adjustments to raise them up instead of lowering yourself.

The energy increase in the past few weeks, is leading us into heightened energy increases between people. This is why we must keep our dealings with others on a positive note, so these can become heightened. If it devolves into the negative this is also becoming very heightened very quickly and can energetically affect the other person quickly like no other time in the past. This is a NEW symptom of Ascension. You may notice any negativity escalating quickly now, just as positivity will. We want to make sure we are upgrading ourselves into the NEW Reality and not staying with the lower levels. be aware of this change and do not dwell in negativity now. Everyone needs to be on board for the change.

Ear ringing and headaches, along with neck and back pain continue as recent ascension symptoms. Ear ringing is caused from the weakening of the magnetic shield which I have talked about many times. This will not be concluded until the shift is complete. All Humans need to be on board for this shift. As the Light body is going through many changes, so is everything else in this reality. We are asked to keep up with the changes and adapt as quickly as possible now.

Intense dreams happen in all times of frequency raises and timeline merges. This time is no different. The dreams come in fast and furious and seem more real. Timelines blur now.. asking what is real, what is not?

Time is becoming less rigid as I have talked about in many of my past articles. We are moving out of time completely and soon will no longer be using a clock for anything since this is no longer a valid indication of time any longer. Time can move faster than the clock or slower than the clock now as the energy streams change. so it will no longer be needed.

With everything that has changed through out 2016 it is easy to believe our Ascension comes nearer. For those weary and worn out.. hang on. Know that it comes closer with each dark force removed from the planet. The Galactics and Divine Cosmic Christ are working overtime to accomplish this goal, not only for us but all Conscious beings everywhere. Everything in the Universe ascends now… it is a Universal upgrade for ALL. No human will be left behind. Merging with Source Energy is the key to Ascension.

I love you all ! In service and Love,

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert

Copyright © 2016 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article itself is included
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