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Thoughts And Intentions For 2017

By on January 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Thoughts And Intentions For 2017

by Doug Henderson, PhD, O.M., ICQBT,
Contributing Writer,

Some say 2017 will be a challenging year. I say, it will be whatever you choose to make it. The primary law of duality is summed up in the words, “I am only ever experiencing myself.” It’s a choice, a Free Will choice.

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Duality means that there is two aspects within each of us. There is a human aspect that experiences and there is a Spiritual aspect that experiences. Our human component is our negative polarity and our Spiritual component is our positive polarity. One aspect is not better than the other for both will take us to our final destination. It’s the quality of our experience that differentiates the journey. Each polarity is a different experience of the same energy that thought us into existence. Negative polarity tends to indulge resistance, selfishness and suffering as life force experience whereas positive polarity tends to flow with grace and ease. It’s a choice, a Free Will choice. Grace and ease has nothing to do with material possessions but rather the flow of energy that comes from the recognition of a Divine Alignment. Materiality and the desire for materiality is where many of us get stuck in our evolution and commence a downward spiral into selfishness. It’ s the motivation behind any thought or action that results in a reciprocal experience. Often we have to experience what we are not before we can choose to experience what it is we are. The degree of our resistance determines how bumpy the ride is going to be. This is how both appreciation and gratitude are achieved. The purpose of duality is to strip away all falsity so that we come to experience the diamond within the lump of coal. But there is a process to how this is achieved that goes beyond the scope of this undertaking.

Many of us have been conditioned to a reverse polarity in which case we accept what is backwards and upside down as real. This is why discernment is required. However, discernment can be taught whereas Love can not. A great deal of discernment and forgiveness will most likely be required in 2017 as light is shone upon darkness and darkness becomes more transparent and the truth of our negativity is revealed.


All of Creation is sexual. Our thoughts whether positive or negative in their orientation, have a positive male charge and the collective consciousness has a receptive, female charge. The vibratory nature of the thought or feeling penetrates a receptive and passive collective consciousness. Within the collective consciousness, it is the bonding of a positive, male charge with a receptive or like, female identical charge that initiates the manifestation process. Within these charges there is consciousness in which case, like consciousness or vibratory signature mates with like vibratory signature, yet their overall charge is sexual in nature. In other words, if there is a negative thought or feeling, it bonds with an identical consciousness or energetic signature within the collective consciousness. Like conscious attracts like consciousness. The same is true of any thought or feeling. It is the energetic signature of the thought or feeling at a subconscious or Soul-Level that is the determining factor of what likes bond.

This is how we create our personal experience. If the majority of our thoughts and feelings are negative, this is how we create our world experience and our world experience creates our perception of the world and so our thoughts and feelings become a self perpetuating vicious circle created by our own Free Will Choice to create; for a creator can only create like it’s self. It is the intensity of the thought, feeling or emotion that is the determining factor and we tend to experience fear much more intensely and more frequently than we might, happiness or joy. This is why our relationship with the ego is very, very important. Only when we get to a point of having enough of our own negative creation will we choose to create differently. We do it by Free will Choice and if you think about it Free Will Choice is the greatest demonstration of Unconditional Love because it gives each and everyone of us the opportunity to create from Love or to create from Destruction. To me, Unconditional Love is constantly coming to me but I have the ability via free will Choice to over-write that program and I do it 96.6% of the time. You see, Love can not be commanded nor is it a commandment. We create according to our level of consciousness, our present understanding, because we don’t have any awareness of anything greater. Nor do we recognize that we have been given the same ability to create just like the benevolent force that created us. This is why asking to raise our Level of Consciousness is so important. “Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” In all things, it must be a personal choice. But there is another very important understanding in all of this; “I, by my self can do nothing.”

According to the Institute for Heart Math, 96.6% of all of out thoughts are negative. What we don’t seem to realize is that our thoughts are actions that have implications, particularly upon the collective consciousness. This is why our world is very dark at this time.


Acceptance is required. Acceptance means that I accept responsibility for having created what it is I perceive in the world. The Russians didn’t do it. Our in action, mine included, allowed the darkness to grow. The moment we blame others and deny personal responsibility is when we choose to fall from grace one more time and we are already at one of the lowest rungs of Jacob’s Ladder (Scale of Human Consciousness) at the present time; shame and degeneration.


It is my present understanding that there are 12 Universal Dimensions each dimension has 12 sub-dimensions and mankind is presently experiencing the 3rd Universal Dimension, 3rd sub-Level. Depending on whether each of us makes an individual choice for fear or Faith will determine whether we stay or whether we go on. What could we possibly go on to? Ascension. What is Ascension? An increase in consciousness whereby we skip over all of the sub-levels of the 3rd Dimension and the 4th Universal Dimension and all of it’s sub-levels and move onto the attributes of the 5th Dimension. The 5th dimension is what Yeshua ben Yoseph (Jesus) referred to as Heaven. He could talk about it because he had achieved it and because he and others achieved it, they paved the way for you and I and made it so much easier. We are are currently experiencing the “Quickening,” whereby our thoughts are manifesting faster than they ever have before. Each day the learning gap is getting smaller and smaller. So, be very careful of what you wish for. We are in the midst of a 260,000 year cycle of opportunity, if you wish to recognize it. Depending what it is you choose for your self, it can be, the best of times (Faith) or the worst of times (fear – False Evidence or Experience Appearing Real).


Many teachers and gurus make a big deal about surrender but only a very resistant ego has difficulty surrendering to The Mind that thought it into existence. Surrender is nothing more than asking for help from that same Mind or Life Force Energy. A colleague of mine said it very succinctly. “I am here. I am grounded. I am connected and I am willing to be of service.”

Meditation can be very helpful. However, if you only use meditation to try and quiet the mind, you will still be practicing mindlessness 20 years from now. Meditation is a form of surrender but answers to questions or asking for greater understanding about something requires asking for guidance or understanding. For example; set your intention before going into meditation and allow it to come forward once you have quieted the mind because now, you are receptive to answers. This is where discernment is required. If any response or impression is unloving, it is of the ego. The Higher Self or True Self only responds in a loving fashion. This is the difference between passive and active meditation.

Each of us has the ability to achieve the answers we require, according to our present level of consciousness, by using the body pendulum. To use the body pendulum, it is important to establish that you are experiencing proper body polarity. Brain Gym’s, cross-crawl exercise can be helpful before hand. It requires standing in a relaxed upright position and bringing your left knee up and touching the top of your left knee with your right bent elbow and then bringing your right knee up and touching the top of your right knee your with left, bent elbow. Repeat this several times until 2 minutes have expired. If that exercise is too demanding, rub your abdomen in a clockwise fashion with your right hand while rubbing just above your upper lip with your index finger of your left hand and rubbing just below your lower lip with the first finger of your left hand and simultaneously humming, “Happy Birthday to me.” Continue for 2 minutes.

You can tell when your body polarity is reversed. If when you breathe-in the diaphragm collapses rather than expanding, body polarity is not functioning properly.

Now, you are ready to get the answer to any question that you need in the present moment. Stand in an upright relaxed position with feet shoulder width apart, hands by your sides and ask; “show me yes,” and see what your body does. It will usually move forward or to one side or the other. Now, ask, “Show me no,” and the body usually moves backward or to the opposite side of what may have been an indication for yes. With these two responses you can ask any yes or no question. It’s usually a good idea to ask in the first person. For example; “My name is ______.” With a little practice you can do this any where. Do it all the time for everything.

Note: As your level of consciousness improves, your responses will vary. Why? Because more is expected of you, as your consciousness/awareness/understanding/knowingness improves. Be relaxed at all times, whatever the exercise. Be relaxed about Life. Love life, the good and the not so good. Don’t try to force your will on any situation. Be the un-attached observer/participant. When you can be happy with whatever outcome comes, the appropriate outcomes will materialize. The problems humans (selfish self) have is that often they don’t like what shows up and consequently they don’t think that their request was answered. It was, you just didn’t like the answer because your motives may not have been sincere or genuine. What Creation responds to is what you feel at a subconscious or Soul Level. That’s why it’s necessary to strip away the falsity. This is what is meant by, “Physician heal thyself,” or “Know Thyself.” The paradox is that you have to give up what you desire most for it to appear. Never get involved in how something will show up because now you are wanting to maintain control. When you do, you are interfering with the very process you desire most and not allowing for manifestation. Just visualize/feel/experience the end result only!

It is always a good idea to have a conversation with the cells of your body regularly/daily because your DNA resides in each and every cell of your body. Your DNA is not only connected to the consciousness of Mother Earth but also to the Causal Realm of All That IS. Your DNA is broadcasting to Creation at all times what it is you truly feel, not what you would like to project. Speaking out loud to your DNA with feeling is very empowering. Many people tend to use the Huna format when speaking to your cells. For example; I Love you my cells. I am Sorry for not paying more attention to you. Please Forgive Me. I have this challenge at the present time (identify it) Please use all of your best efforts to make correction. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Then get on with enjoying life. If you didn’t get the outcome you desired, you need to go within and ask for greater understanding about the issue.

When you pray, never pray just for your own needs. This is selfishness (humanness). This is the humanness of the little self. It is humanness that requires transcendence. Pray as you would imagine Spirit would pray. What you ask for one, you ask for all mankind. Make your prayer all-inclusive. Remember: selfishness has got us to where we are today.

Put these suggestions into practice and see if 2017 becomes a year of transcendence of your very humanness. (selfishness)


Doug Henderson, PhD, O.M., ICQBT,
Stress Management Facillitator/ Counsellor
Quantum Biofeedback Therapist

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