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30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than “Normal” People

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30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than “Normal” People

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Do you feel like you are wired differently than most people? At times, do you feel like you don’t “fit in” on this planet? Did you ever wonder why things feel so differently to you, but not to other people? Have you noticed strange anomalies within yourself that the general population doesn’t seem to experience?

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This article might help you to understand WHY.

30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than “Normal” People

1. You have exceptional intuitive abilities

Your intuition seems heightened versus most “normal” people. You can sense and feel things before they happen.

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2. You have body marking that resemble star maps

You may have what appear to be constellations on your body. While some may resemble constellations that are familiar to most people, others may have ones that are not familiar to anyone else other than YOU.

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3. You LOOK and/or FEEL younger than your physical age

Your DNA is wired differently and your body easily resists the aging process. Most people would have a hard time guessing your actual age. If your genetic coding caused you to bald, you eyes will still look youthful.

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4. You have unusual sleep patterns

You may experience interrupted sleep throughout the night or have unusual sleep cycles than most people.

I have an unusual sleep anomaly.  Around 2007, I had sleep apnea from gaining weight, so I had a “Sleep Study” done where they hook you up with a number of electrode and monitor your sleep all night. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me except for this one sleep anomaly:  I instantly go into the Dream Stage and stay there all night.  I get ZERO of the Deep Sleep stage.

The example I often use is to remember the times you started to nod off, perhaps while you were sitting on the couch. Your head bobs down and back up again, instantly.  When this happens to me, I’ll have a dream in that instant that seems like it was at least 3 hours long.

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5. Synchronicities happen on a daily basis

A synchronicity might be as simple as seeing numbers such as 555, 1111, 333, etc… nearly every day or some other synchronistic occurrence. The other day, my Gregg Prescott Facebook page reached 11,111 followers and I made a post about it. Immediately, I was alerted that the FB page, The Event Is Happening, also reached 11,111 members about the same exact time as me.

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6. You go in and out of worlds

At times, you feel like you’re living in a completely different reality.

Here’s a simple example. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and seen a bunch of zombie-like people walking around? You looking into their grocery carts and there’s a bunch of junk food and lower vibrational items in there. They walk around in a daze and their eyes look lifeless. All of the sudden, you make eye contact with an awakened soul and you give a gentle exchange of smiles.

This can also go much deeper where you feel like you’re in an altered reality without the use of illicit substances.

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7. You have adverse reactions to Big Pharma

Some medications will do the exact opposite. Adderall did that to me. Adderall is an amphetamine, but I could take one and easily fall asleep an hour later. These are the types of signs to look for when you know you’re wired differently than others.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I remember on the back of my report card in grade school, it would say, “Fails to pay attention.” That’s because I was daydreaming. I remember one time in 4th grade when I was toning very softly but my teacher called me out for it.

Have you ever noticed all of the side effects for Big Pharma medications? Why are there side effects? Because the body is rejecting them as a viable solution.

Side note: I eliminated the ADHD when I removed the clutter from my mind through meditation.

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8. You can remember at least one past life

One of mine came to me in a dream. I was a Mayan elder during the Spanish Revolution. They threatened to kill me unless I converted to Christianity. I agreed to do so, but lied, and ended up sharing my knowledge with the youth in my extended family. This probably why I have a disdain for organized religion.

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9. You have a “connection” to UFO’s and extraterrestrials

You’ve seen UFO’s and possibly have made contact with extraterrestrials. Related articleWhich Star System Did YOU Originate From?

10. You’re able to learn information in the spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical genre easily and at an exponential rate

You easily absorb spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical information and wish that this was the type of information we learned in school instead of learning state sponsored propaganda.

11. You see things that other people cannot see

This could include entities, spirit guides, ghosts, etc…

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12. You have contact with your spirit guides, guardian angels, etc…

You may even know the name(s) of your spirit guide(s) or angels.  Despite living in upstate NY in the Catskill Mountains, I always had an affinity to palm trees and the ocean but had no idea WHY. A few years ago, I had a dream where I met one of my spirit guides.  She appeared to be a North American Indian with long, straight, black hair and wearing a white, flowing gown.  She introduced herself to me, “Hello Gregg.  My name is Tamara, I’m your spirit guide.”

So, here I am… I can ask her ANYTHING, but what do I do?  I said her name over and over and over again so I wouldn’t forget it.  I said it so many times that I woke myself up out of this dream. So here it is, around 3 AM.  I’m thinking, “Every name has a meaning.”  I looked up the meaning and it blew my mind. Tamara means “Palm tree”.


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13. You’re a natural healer

Chances are, in a past lifetime, you were a healer and these abilities carried over from that (or those) past lifetime(s).

My ex-wife taught me Quantum Touch healing. One day, I was in the kitchen with my daughter and my German Shepherd, Bogey, was acting very hyper. I rubbed my hands together and then envisioned a ball og energy in between my hands. I placed that ball of energy on my dog’s head and he dropped to the floor and went to sleep.

My daughter said, “OMG, Daddy, you killed him!”

I rubbed my hands together and jokingly told her, “You’re next!” LOL

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14. You have allergies and food intolerances

Your body has a difficult time adjusting to Planet Earth, especially with the inception of GMO’s. Where you’re from, you never experienced these allergies and food intolerances, but you see other people without them and wonder why you’re different from the rest. Now you know why… you’re wired differently!

15. You’re discovering newly found abilities

The more you delve into your spiritual progression, the more you discover new abilities that you’ve had your entire life, but are just starting to master.

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16. You’ve seen beings from other dimensions or galaxies

Some people have the ability to physically see multidimensional beings and/or extraterrestrials.

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17. You feel that Earth is not your home

You love being on Earth and work to serve her, but you feel like this is not your home planet. You may feel a greater connection to the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, etc…

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18. You volunteered to come to this planet

Dolores Cannon mentioned the 3 waves of volunteers that came to Earth because our planet was sending out a call for help and many people volunteered to come here.

Did you volunteer? I know I did…

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19. You physically see orbs

Many times, we can see orbs on film but do you physically see orbs?

One time, I was sitting at my computer when I saw an orange orb go upstairs. As I watched it, I noticed my German Shepherd saw it too.

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20. You’re clumsy

As multidimensional beings, you might not be used to this flesh earth suit that we call the physical body. It has a lot of mass and sometimes, this mas causes clumsiness.

21. You’re a master manifestor

This is becoming easier and easier to do as we have entered the fourth dimension.

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22. You receive messages and/or downloads from Creator/Source

The messages are always perfect and divine.  While we all have this ability, not everyone listens.

The only reason you’re reading this article on In5D is because after watching “The Secret“, I received a “galactic download” from Creator/Source.  A galactic download is when you receive a ton of in formation in one huge download.  Think of it as a hologram that contains everything you need to know.  I was told that I needed to build a website to help raise the critical mass. I was even given the name, “In5D” from Creator/Source.  I was told that I needed to do public speaking at conferences, on radio shows, etc…  I told Creator/Source, “You got the wrong guy, I’m an introvert!” but I was told, “You’re the one for this job”… and now I know why.  I’m the voice for the introverts, which is over 80% of the people in this genre.

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23. You feel somewhat awkward speaking

Where you’re from, telepathy is your normal way to communicate. It almost seems laborious to even try to talk. They say a picture says a thousand words. Where you’re from, you could send someone a hologram to someone else that would speak volumes of information with just one simple thought-form.

24. You’ve experience bouts of vertigo

You may be experiencing vertigo as your body upgrades with the influx of incoming energies.

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25. Your body temperature is below normal

In mid December of 2017, I had what many are calling “Ascension Flu” and I documented my body temperature every day. My temperature spiked as high as 103.1 (39.5 C) on the 19th, but by the 22nd, it was below 98 degrees (36.7 C) and has remained there ever since.  The lowest its been since December 22nd was 97.1 (36.1 C) and the highest was 97.8 (36.5 C). A “normal” body temperature is 98.6 (37 C).

After several weeks of noticing this anomaly, I made a post on FB asking people to take their temperatures.  The results were as I suspected.  The vast majority of answers were below “normal”.

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26. You’re a rebel and/or non-conformist

Despite what the rest of the world says or does, you follow your own inner guidance and the vibrations of truth, love, and light lead the way in everything you do.

27. You’re like a magnet to children

Children seem to gravitate to you as if they can see your auric field. You may find them staring at you and smiling for no reason. You’ll find yourself smiling back at them as if to acknowledge their Crystal/Indigo/Rainbow presence here on Earth.

One time, I was walking on the beach and a brother and sister were playing paddle ball. She looked to be about 5 years old and he was about 4. He picked up the ball as I walked by them and hit me in the back with it. I turned around and he was smiling as if to say, “I made it here, Gregg! Here I am!”

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28. The element of time seems awkward

You may feel like time is speeding up or have the ability to live outside of time. You don’t wear a watch and dislike schedules. You prefer “winging it” and spontaneity versus commitments to time and schedules.

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29. You’re an introvert

You tend to shy away from large crowds and prefer to observe others than joining in.

In our society, about 70% of the people are extroverted. In this genre, it’s the other way around, where over 80% of our In5D readers are introverts. Why? Because introverts tend to go within for the answers and can do that in many ways, such as through meditation, their higher selves, or simply researching a topic so much that they understand the root of the issue and can figure out the answers on their own.

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30. Your body temperature rises at night while sleeping

For most people, their body temperature drops while sleeping but if you’re wired differently, yours will rise.  You may even sweat at night and choose not to wear any clothes to bed because of how hot your body gets at night while sleeping.


Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’ll be able to relate to many of these signs!

How many are you experiencing?  Please leave your comments below!

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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